Tuesday, 3 July 2012

In the Fields of Barley

With less than three weeks until my due date, I almost feel a sort of responsibility to photograph the bump in a (hopefully) flattering way. Fortunately, the barley and wheat fields near my house have the look of being wonderfully soft and the sky was wonderfully dramatic. If the bump frightens you, focus on the scenery.

I went for a mini beehive and some crystal earrings. I like to think of this outfit as for someone called Joanne who was meant to go to a cocktail party on a summer night in Palm Springs in 1965. Poor Jo was transported to England and needed an extra layer, hence the black top.

Outfit: Earrings, Accessorise (in the sale); maternity dress, Topshop, scarf, Next (from about 3 years ago); black top; Winners (Canadian version of TKMaxx).

Wistfully dreaming of more sunshine. What are you looking forward to this summer? 


  1. You seriously look great! HOw are you feeling?
    Thanks for youe advise on not going crazy on photoshop! That's not my intention at all, what I would like is to do what I have been doing unto today, balance, brightness and those things as a "bulk" with pre-set actions.. that would make my blogging life much more easier.
    Take care of yourself!! xx

    1. Thanks for the compliment- pregnancy can be relaxed and fine if you are.

      No worries about Photoshop, I know you'll get the balance of interest and the natural right.

  2. The photographs are really cute!