Dressing for Pregnancy Advice

These posts below (click on the brown links below) show some of the outfits I went for while I was pregnant. There were definitely numerous unflattering photos taken (and promptly deleted). I learned to avoid low angle shots and certain side angles which made me look bigger than I was. A bump can be great, but it can also startle your vision of yourself.

What looks like an interesting outfit in a photo normally (aside from cut-outs), will generally still look good if you're pregnant. I gravitated towards colour, accessories and a bold lip. This is how I like to dress for photos anyway. Probably more significant to looking lovely is a pretty setting with natural light (ideally a couple hours before the sun sets or not in too much bright, stark light, if possible).

A straight dress with an empire waist and pleats can make one think they're a little like Twiggy, even one week until one's due date 

Go for the Empire waist and something interesting (I went for a beehive) for a real bump shot

Using layers, a belt and a glorious setting to hide the emerging belly

A hat and a solid coloured bigger sized dress (maybe even dressier than you normally wear) than you'd normally wear can bring confidence

Don't be too shy with covering up- this is a frumpy, ageing outfit that I WOULDN'T recommend. A glorious setting doesn't make everything amazing.

A comfy maxi dress, black and accessories are boxes to tick

Colour, accessories and a bit of silliness make these outfits

A boxy, tailored dress and a prominent belt structure the body

Another hat and almost too many bright colours to cheer up dark colours and a winter-y outfit

Elastic waists and pleats are your friends

Curls, a hat, tassle earrings- more is more in pregnancy

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