Thursday, 28 June 2012

Olympic Survival

Do you like an overblown Bohemian Rhapsody style BIG SONG?

Welcome to England's best/worst Olympic effort.

It's a hilarious, dramatic, fascist-style marching song by Muse. It's complete with an operatic, dark monk chorus, a very high guitar solo (there's more than one actually), Matt Bellamy doing his best cod-Wagner, and some 1980s style synth drums from the Van Halen Jump era.

Depending on your sense of irony, you'll either think this might be the best thing about the Olympics, or perhaps a piece of terrible contemporary prog rock that needs to be put in the wastebin of joke songs quickly. I haven't quite decided where I stand. 

Apparently, this song will be played before the medal ceremony. I can't wait to see some awkward archers and fat weightlifters aproaching the podium, slightly taken aback by the melodramatic chorus provided as soundtrack. Inevitably, there will be a glorious moment when Bolt listens to the song, and gives us a lightning bolt. 

Here's the song. You must listen to it.

And as an added bonus, in tribute to the music of excess, here's another image of Van Halen in their finest hour.

Are you looking forward to the Olympics? Or are you like many cynical Brits and finding it all slightly ridiculous?

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