Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Walking in a Winter Wonderland, English Style

Around this time of year I get jealous of the winter wonderland photos from people in Canada, the United States, the Alps and whenever these lovely winter cliches come from. The winter wonderland in England isn't quite the same. Instead of peaceful, fluid drifts of snow and diamond-like icicles, there is typically windswept grey and mud. Think of men trudging through the muddy trenches and you're not far off.

Short of a military fatigues, green and brown is about the most fitting English winter wonderland outfit.

The walking boots before they became too muddy. They're not quite Kate Middleton or the Queen style riding boots, but they are the equally English Marks and Spencer.

Note the clenched fists, a sign of emerging cold. The landscape looks quite peaceful, but believe me, if I was facing any other direction, you would see my face shrivelled up, trying to shield itself from the biting wind, and my hair looking more 'spontaneous' e.g. odd and generally dishevelled.

Outfit: Brown printed turtleneck from a charity shop or my sister's closet about 10 years ago; green necklace, Accesorise; yellow belt, charity shop; green skirt, Marks and Spencer; brown biker boots, Marks and Spencer girls' section.

P.S. Mum, I only had my coat, sweater, scarf, hat and gloves off for about two minutes. Don't worry, I'm looking after myself.

Are you a winter lover or winter hater? What gets you through it? My Mum appreciates knitting and Bailey's in cocoa. A cream cabled sweater and a blanket seems to be this year's medicine for me.


  1. That skirt is such a pretty colour and your hair is wonderful! Happy new year! <3

  2. hi, just found your blog! like it! the colour of your skirt is quite amazing!! love the whole look! I am ghappy to be your newest follower! xx Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way