Sunday, 29 January 2012

Through the Looking Glass

How do you escape winter? Maybe you're one of those people who just chooses to enjoy it. Congratulations. I'm not worthy of your zen acceptance.

Short of going to a Carribbean island, if you're looking to be bathed in light, warmth and humidity, go to the glasshouse (or greenhouse, if you're North American).  

This glasshouse (at Waddesdon Manor, in Buckinghamshire) sells pretty mirrors set in reclaimed windows. They make one's gaze feel more dreamy.  

 A close-up of the sculptural orchid behind me in the earlier photos.

The photo below is more than a little tense and intense- my apologies. It's just the only one taken that shows the entire dress. I loved its simple lines, which emphasise the shouting red colour. Inevitably, I've destroyed its perfect minimalism with accessories, but I don't really like to leave things alone.

Outfit: Dress, Next; necklace and belt from charity shops; Spats to inspire some jazz hands, Asos. 

What cheers you up on a gloomy day? Baking? The Beach Boys?

1 comment:

  1. Oh you`re so pretty! Love the dress paired with the oxfords. And that place looks beautiful - I would love a mirror window like that - very creative.
    I miss the summer too - so much! These gloomy days better be over soon, because I don`t know how to cope with them.