Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Incognito in Oxford Blue

Oxford is a the quintessential English university town for a reason. It's hard not to feel more clever/inspired/cynical/disdainful of contemporary architecture when you're surrounded by stone, spires, columns, clever students and bicycles. Not wanting to become one of the minions of tourists/aspiring students on university tours, I had a plan to go incognito. A hat. A detective's hat to go unnoticed. Philip Marlowe and Inspector Morse would have understood it perfectly.

The Oxford blues would also help the disguise, coupled nicely with the tan ribbon camouflaging itself against the sandy coloured Cotswold stone. Struggling to see myself through the intense camouflage, there needed to be some colour added, like a light reflective jacket for running at night. Clashing pink earrings, orange brick lips and a turquoise scarf seemed to suffice.

As you can see, the hat and the gold and pink accents make an otherwise classic/boring work outfit a little more interesting/bizarre. 

Outfit: Hat, earrings and necklace, Accesorise. There ares still all sorts of hats and Art Deco-ish necklaces in the sale; blue pea coat, gift; blazer, from Korea; Oxford blue striped top, Marks and Spencer; navy trousers, Next.

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