Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wrapping Idea

                       As much as I like to think Jay-Z and Eminem would go down against me in a battle, in their battling days, circa 1994, I might have some competition.

I'm not a natural rapper. I'm not a natural wrapper either.

Then I met someone who wrapped everything beautifully and saw it as integral to the present itself. I had to raise my game.

I going to give away the game. Can you handle it?

Get yourself a trademark. This year, mine is the tags. Sparkly pen on waxy leaves- it's natural, it's festive, what's not to love. I haven't only used brown paper but I do think it highlights the colour and shape of the leaves and the ribbons better. It's true that there isn't as much room to write a note, but I prefer the quick clue approach to tags.

Do you have any wrapping tips or ideas? Are you a wrapping lover or wrapping hater?


  1. Lauren, I love this idea! Its a very real and personal touch. :)
    Wishing you a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

  2. Hehehe I love this post! I am both a terrible wrapper and rapper also - so it's great to get tips (on both, so tips on rapping next please?!)