Monday, 5 December 2011

Anna Karenina meets Boris Yeltsin

Sometimes you have a business meeting in Russia with Boris Yeltsin. I know, it happens regularly. Don't worry-- the dress code is simple. A faux fur hat, wool, a surfeit of pearls and big blonde Russian oligarch's daughter's hair. Apologies that I haven't achieved the latter.

I heard Kiera Knightley is set to play Anna Karenina. I'm ready for lots of romantic windswept scenes in the Russian snow. I do hope they give her the ubiquitous symbol of Russians: the fur hat. In the image below, the hat looks like I've swiped a part off a bear. I like to think of this as giving a sense of rugged individualism.

Below, I'm set for the business meeting, politicians' wife style.


  1. Very cool! Nice skirt! Great outfit! I like it!!!

  2. I love Anna Karenina so this title made me smile:) That cap is fantastic! I have been wanting a fur muff for the winter to warm my hands and feel like I live in the 1920's:)