Friday, 2 December 2011

London Lights

                People rave about how glorious New York City, Paris or wherever is at Christmas time. Christmas lights are anything but subtle and discreet- that's not the point. Yet London seems to be doing its tasteful, discreet, elegant best this year. I love that there aren't Frosty the Snowmen or Santa Claus' dominating the light landscape. London opts for umbrellas and blues.

Most Londoners don't believe the Underground is a pretty star bathed in gold. Seeing this in person had me converted.

If you're a Londoner, forget the Oxford Street crowds that you'd normally complain about- it's Christmas time, what do you expect? Just enjoy some city lights. Look up and you'll remember that London's architecture is just as pretty as any other city.

Alternatively, be the other archetypical Londoner: Scrooge, and scoff at the Christmas insanity.

I liked how this star looks like a spider's web. It's perhaps an easy metaphor to not get too caught up in Christmas or just get caught up in Christmas. Which do you prefer?


  1. Cool post!!! Fantastic blog!!! Look forward to more posts!!!

  2. Thank you. There are too many things that I think of as White Hot but I love the idea of a white list, a list of perfectly pure, wonderful things. A diamond perhaps?