Saturday, 27 August 2011

Mellow Yellow

Do you feel the need to wear every summer dress you own while you still can? I do. This is one my favourites from my favourite shop. It's called Mine and My Sister’s Closet At My Parents' House, and everything fits and has style (most of it rather 1990s though). This is 1960s vintage and I feel a bit like a young Mrs Arnold while wearing it- back when she was Norma. I think this is something to smile about- both Mrs Arnold and a yellow shift dress.

Note the unfortunate leaves on the ground. I thought about calling this post "Last of the Summer Sunshine," but that seemed like accepting that summer is nigh.

When I see the interesting ribbing on the tree trunk and the neat ivy, I wonder why I haven't seen a designer dress with a tree trunk and ivy print. Stella McCartney likes a bit of a natural look, if you see her, suggest it, and tell her that I'd like to meet her Dad as payment.  

Bright orange bag from my favourite Oxfam charity shop (it's in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire). Clarks' sandals.

I thought the goldenrod in the background might "out golden" me, but the light seems to have cooperated in making my yellow dress more prominent. Ah, the wonders of perspective. 


  1. a wonderful yellow sense of style

  2. *squeal* I love your dress so much! I'm watching a similar one on eBay at the moment - you have convinced me to buy it! x

  3. I hope you get it for a great price! Mine and My Sister's Closet At My Parents' House offers very reasonable prices, but in limited sizes.