Thursday, 25 August 2011

Back to School

I definitely believe in Back to School shopping, even if you don't go to school. I wear sandals all summer. Then, as soon as September 1st happens, a piercing bite flows through the air and hits the head, autumn giving us the heads up to its existence. As much as I like to abandon sleeves and allow my legs their freedom in the summer, a soft long sleeve and trousers bring comfort and a bit of pulled-togetherness. I can see myself as Katherine Hepburn, luxuriating in elegance and one-liners equally.

This looks says: "I don't care for summer flights of fancy. I have more important things to do than pose for a photograph." She's a non-nonsense feminist, I think.

So, in the spirit of "let's get on with it," school, I purchased some new school shoes. If you like brogues, heeled loafers, or you need/want a new pair of shoes, Asos has a sale worth looking at. And these suede brogues are the colour of the coat I last wrote about (sigh).

Asos, £28

Yellow heeled loafer, Asos, £36

Fashion writers seem to love "transition pieces," which are usually blazers or light sweaters. These fresh-looking English mustard loafers do combine summer sunshine with the more sensible autumn--- they are shoes, not sandals. These are what I think of as a transition piece, though I'd happily wear them all year. I imagine a satchel and navy pea coat to complete the Ivy League schoolgirl look.

Alas, the shoes I went for are a more wearable black and white option. They're geeky, 1950s style saddle shoes, the white highlighting their structure. These are the kind of shoes I know I'll feel a little silly about wearing intially but then I'll languish in a too-cool-for-school pride.

Asos , £28

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