Monday, 22 August 2011

The Boots Mission

As the seasons change, so do my predictable, seasonal temptations. Autumn brings longings for apple crumble, pumpkin pie, pea coats and boots. My criteria for boots that I’ll lust over, is as follows:

a) Slim.
b) Heeled.
c) 1960s or 1970s looking. Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots are Made For Walking should be heard-- loudly.
d) Real leather or suede. My feet get mad at me when they’re in plastic-y confinement.

e) Wearable. I’ve seen a pair of silver, glittery designer boots that would look right on Pixie Geldoff, but are less practical if you’re not a rocker-It girl.
Usually, it's the price that prohibits my buying of autumn boots-- but this prohibition increases my desire. These boots from Office fit the criteria for dream boots (with an appropriate curb your enthusiam price).
Rust Suede Boots, Office, £135

The vision:
I become an Ally McGraw-like character with glossy, straight hair. I’m wearing a brown corduroy skirt that falls just above the knee, or a brown, mustard and orange print skirt. The skirt is combined with a mustard or forest green turtleneck. Maybe a long, cream woollen or crocheted scarf and a pea coat as it grows colder and the skirt grows longer. The outfit would have a vibe a fit like this H & M outfit but without the polished formality.

H &M Outfit
The boots make me taller, freer and prepared to be a preppy but liberal student at Brown, Berkeley or Oxford, circa 1974. Leaves and smiles would be thrown around in my presence. If I was at Berkeley I’d have a friend who people would say looks like Marsha Brady. We would then all laugh disparagingly, but jealously too.
The reality:
Most of my wardrobe tends toward the red/white/black/grey spectrum and this colour would not really go with most of the things I own. I’m on my feet most of the day at work, so the heel would be uncomfortable. Would I end up not wearing them? Does anyone who normally wears flats know of heeled boots that are comfortable?

Or, should I opt to desire the more practical (but less inspiring) black?

Black Suede Boots, Office, £135

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