Monday, 14 November 2011

Playing Autumn

At least once a year, you need to get into a leaf fight. I call it playing autumn. The days are running out, the leaves are becoming damp, and the time is nigh. Play it in the next couple weeks and you'll feel like you're 5 years old, in a brown boots ad or an American university photo shoot.

A couple of classic spins as leaves were being thrown up in the air...

Leaves have just been picked up at this moment, ready to fall aloft onto the photographer.

Top (I'm crazy about the scalloping and and Johnny Cash style ribbon), New Look. The sweetly feminine Zoella definitely inspired this one:
Leather skirt, local charity shop. The skirt's long enough to feel preppy and grown-up, as opposed to a black leather skirt that's perfect for meeting Axl Rose on the Sunset Strip, circa 1986.
Cute and wonderfully ridiculous spats, Asos. With these sorts of two-tone brogues, you'll either have the urge to become a fat 1930s gangster who is really just a sax player, or inherit a poodle skirt and become an extra on Happy Days. Both options are rather great.  


  1. Great work Lauren. The commercial possibilties await

  2. Thanks for letting me keep dreaming.

  3. Autumn IS fun, up until the point where the leaves end up stuffed down my jeans and tshirt! Autumn can be dangerous!

  4. You pull this look off beautifully. The shoes would make me want to do a happy dance all day long;)
    Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!
    :) Anna

  5. This is so awesome, you look super adorable! I love that the skirt is leather too. It's such a classic and maybe even conservative shape (that I loooove) but the leather gives it an awesome weird twist.

  6. Cheers! I've wanted a leather skirt for years so I felt lucky when I found one for cheap at a charity shop. I love mini skirts but am also slightly scared of them.