Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wedding circa 1965

It's 1965- you're invited to an April wedding in England. What do you wear? In England, you're still definitely wearing a hat. Your hair hasn't quite grown to the dream of straight Michelle Phillips California hair. Swirls and flower power haven't quite hit. The reception is in the local pub. Your journey brings you to a butter yellow shift with puffy chiffon sleeves.

A pale blue veil gives you the something blue, even though you don't need it, as you're just a guest. You flip out the ends of your hair.

Stepping outside for a bit of fresh air, your date takes these photos.

Outfit: The dress and top were my Easter outfit, but it just felt so 1960s wedding that I thought I'd add a ridiculous/wonderful hat to it.
Hat- local charity shop.

Yellow shift dress stolen from my sister's old closet- last seen last summer, here:

Chiffon top, Forever 21- last seen at New Year's Eve here: 

Black and white brogues, Asos. They're falling apart right now as they're my work shoes that I wear to tromp around at the weekend too. Still, I think they've been good value.

I've been stalking the patent Topshop pastel brogues since the new year as their sweeter replacement.  Irritatingly, they're also twice the price of my original spats. Are they worth it?
Are you embracing spring colours? Has anyone found some reasonably priced pastel clothing that might be work appropriate? After February, shops don't seem to sell sleeves or anything with much material, never mind length. Let me know if you have any underground tips.


  1. I love how the hat adds such a vintage feel to the outfit, very 60's indeed <3

    1. The hat also has a bit of a I wannabe Princess Diana feel to it- it's 1980s, I think. If ever I go to the races with some Slonane rangers I'll rock it with some Made in Chelsea nude lipstick. Fortunately, I think this scenario is rather unlikely.

  2. Love the hat. Fabulous mission accomplished.

    1. The line of interesting versus absurd is one I cross regularly.