Sunday, 4 March 2012

Overshadowed by Accessories

Those of you in the U.K., did you celebrate the first no long sleeves Saturday? I did.

I thought the idea of a maxi dress was that it provided maximum length and maximum impact? I also thought black dresses were synonmous with elegance, instantly dressed-up sexy, strong womanliness. Angelina Jolie I'm not, evidently.

In person, I really do love this dress and feel some sort of statue-esque beauty in it. However, my camera was obviously infinitely more attracted to the pink and blue print and silver chandelier earrings that I wore as an afterthought. They were supposed to be like a bonus shot; something to improve an already great dress. Alas, the black dress seems to have been overshadowed to a dull, plain Jane dress. David Bailey's trademark white walls made his subjects all the more in-your-face fascinating and attractive.

Mick Jagger "Fur Hood" by David Bailey. 

The white backdrop has made my dress into a dark night, without much allure.

Alas, it is still spring and the white snowdrops and yellow aconites weren't afflicted by the same disease called light that seems to have spoiled the photos of my favourite dress. Maybe it is like an old-fashioned vampire, overwhelmed by light.

Outfit: Black maxi dress, Marks and Spencer; printed scarf, Oxfam; earrings, Accesorise. 

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