Thursday, 6 October 2011

Short Summer

Now that the weather has turned decidely autumnal, I thought I would slap you and your wind-beaten face with reminders of the beautiful British weekend.

Yes, the great British summer is indeed short. This has the effect of all the summer wares you get in the sale still looking fresh.

If you're scared of shorts, don't worry, my legs are a bit too. These are the only pair of shorts that I own, apart from the sports shorts that sit in my bottom drawer wishing they could go for a run. These pleather ones have a flat fronted obvious waistband, pleats and feel quite flattering on.

I'm fond of this sunshine yellow chiffon top, with its scalloped edges. It is otherwise known as The Chick (as in a baby chicken). The farmyard is not normally my source of inspiratiation. Its shocking colour made it like an attractive, screaming child- hard to ignore and craving love. The gold earrings and necklace were worn mostly so that I could feel something dangling on my skin.

Are you back to being covered up and cozy? Or, do you have '"transitional" pieces?

Outfit: Yellow Top, H&M. Shorts, Warehouse. Gold Swirl Earrings, Marks and Spencer. Tiny Gold Locket, Topshop. Orange Bag, vintage, from my favourite Oxfam (in Rickmansworth). White Gladiator Sandals, Clarks.

If you're in Oxford on a nice day, please go punting, or at least to a riverside pub. I would recommend The Victoria Arms on the basis that it has a huge lawn and they never say anything about it when you bring your own picnic. There were about 10 Marks and Spencer bags spread out about 5 minutes before I took this photo at The Victoria Arms.


  1. Your yellow top looks great on you!


  2. Cheers. Ensligh sunshine is more temperamental than the other sun you get in L.A.. Yellows and orange colours help me compensate for the clouds sometimes. They also help me to imagine I'm in the 70s.